Firm Foundations Early Learning Center


Care Ministry


Open Door Policy

Firm Foundations has an open-door policy for parents. It is with pleasure that we will welcome you into the building and your child’s classroom at any time during the day without being announced. We believe that we can best nurture your child’s development when we get to know you and your family so spend some time with us whenever you can!



Loving your child is our first priority and you are their first and most important teacher, so we strive to connect with you and create an environment where you are heard, cared for and appreciated.

Daily communication is our goal through verbal, written and internet communication methods. We use a web-based tool called to send messages, newsletters and personal notes about your child’s day.

While our goal is to connect with you daily, we also schedule two parent-teacher meetings per year so that we can share with you, formally and in writing, the assessments and progress we have documented in your child. These assessments are based on National and local standards for Early Childhood Education and will be known to you throughout your child’s enrollment with us.

We hold regular classroom and whole-center parent meetings where we can share with you about your child’s classroom and center happenings and hear from you on issues that affect the care of your child(ren).

We also host family events throughout the year:  a fall open house, fall festival party, Christmas party, spring open house, summer picnic.


Parent Education

We host regular parent meetings, educational seminars and book studies. Topics include potty training, sleep habits, effective discipline, healthy bonding, sibling rivalry, kindergarten readiness and others. These seminars give us the opportunity to talk with you and share ideas about how to enhance your child’s development and develop stronger parenting/teaching skills.