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The inquiry process will start with either a phone call to the Early Learning Center Director, Renee Johnson, 989.600.4941, or completing the interest form (see link to the right).

After making initial contact, we will set up an appointment for you to visit the Center for a tour, meet the teacher in your child’s classroom, receive important enrollment documentation and ask any questions you may have about the care we provide.

Once availability for enrollment has been established and your interest to enroll is clear, we will ask for the first week’s tuition deposit and completed enrollment paperwork. Your enrollment is guaranteed upon receipt of the deposit and paperwork.


Tuition per week

Full-time =  28 or more hours per week
6 weeks  – 2 ½ years   $240  (Infant & Toddler)
2 ½ - 3 ½ years   $200 (Preschool)

3 ½ - 6 years $186 (Prekindergarten)


Part-time  =  27 or less hours per week
6 weeks  – 2 ½ years $167 (Infant & Toddler)

2 ½ - 3 ½ years  $150 (Preschool)

3 ½ - 6 years  $141 (Prekindergarten)

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Firm Foundations is a high-quality play-based program. We seek to attract and retain loving and nurturing individuals with a passion for the education of young children. Our focus is to train up individuals who have a positive spirit and a genuine interest in learning within a team atmosphere. Training is a number one priority for our leadership team. We will provide the highest quality training based on the National Association for the Education of Young Children ( with an emphasis on healthy brain development.

We provide you with excellent leadership, a positive environment, a supportive team, and growth opportunities to enable you to reach your greatest potential in the field of Early Childhood Education. We are always looking for gifted, enthusiastic people. If you are interested in learning more about Firm Foundations and why it is a great place to work, email our Director, Renee Johnson, at

CURRENT jobopenings
Teacher Assistant
  • Infant
    Do you love babies? How about singing nursery rhymes and silly songs? Do you find yourself talking to every baby that you pass in the grocery store or at a restaurant? We have a place for you at Firm Foundations Early Learning Center. We are looking for kind, caring individuals who are willing to love and care for up to twelve infants within a team of six teachers. Working as a team is essential and good communication skills are critical. Our team of teachers create an environment where strong hearts, minds and bodies are fostered.
  • Toddler
    How much do you love those kiddos that move around their space with little fear and a whole lot of curiosity? A toddler’s attention span is short, their curiosity is high and their physical abilities are developing rapidly. Children ages 18 months – 2 ½ need teacher assistants who can keep up with their energy level and still find the time to snuggle and provide one-on-one care. They need teachers who are willing to run around the room with them and play peek-a-boo while changing their diapers. If you are a patient, gentle and energetic individual who has the physical energy to stay connected to these little guys, we would love to have you on our team. Strong work ethic and good communication skills are required.  Being a team player is a must.
  • Preschool
    3 year olds are fantastic! The dynamics that run through a preschool room are exciting and challenging. A wide range of development is often found in the 3’s classroom and we are looking for those special people who love children and love a challenge. We are looking for teacher assistants who can think on their feet, assess a situation quickly and come to the aid of a child with wise words and helpful suggestions. These children will need your undivided attention and positive attitude. Their minds are growing rapidly and are beginning to explore things that interest them on a much deeper level. This requires teacher assistants who listen carefully and expand on a child’s interests easily.  You will be working within a team of four teachers, so the ability to be an effective team player is a priority.
  • Prekindergarten
    Do you get excited by watching the “light bulb” go on for a child? Does helping them grasp the necessary academic skills needed for elementary school provide a sense of accomplishment for you?  If the answer is yes, then the Prekindergarten class is a good place to be. We are seeking teacher assistants who love to help children learn by helping to shape their play experience into a deeper learning opportunity. Helping children see and experience “fun” learning is a critical piece of this transition year. “Playing” with a team of four teachers to build a strong foundation for future academic success is the essence of this position.
Lead Teacher
  • Infant
    If you love babies, have a passion for early childhood education and that passion has driven you to get a degree in Education (or related field), this employment opportunity is perfect for you! In this position, you will be responsible for leading a team of five teacher assistants and implementing a program for the care and development of up to twelve children ages 6 weeks – 18 months. Strong communication skills and being comfortable with spit up is essential! You will be a part of a dynamic leadership team that is focused on the well-being of our children and building a strong support system for our families.
  • Toddler
    The Firm Foundations Early Learning Center is seeking a dynamic, energetic teacher that gets excited about playing with 2 year olds. It takes a special kind of teacher to work with toddlers; one who gets how their little minds work at this stage of development and wants to teach social-emotional development as a priority. Patience, gentleness and an understanding of the “big picture” is required to teach this age group with excellence.  You will be leading a team of five teacher assistants in creating a stimulating, age appropriate environment that includes engaging activities and fun learning opportunities. You will also be a part of the Early Learning Center leadership team that will meet regularly to focus our energy on the development and maintenance of a high quality early childhood education environment.
  • Preschool
    Are preschool age children fascinating to you? Did you pursue a degree in Education because it was a way to make money while spending time with your favorite people? Firm Foundations is looking for an individual who loves to challenge the minds and hearts of young children. Our preschool room is a dynamic mix of children who are still physically exploring the world around them and those that are ready to dive into more complex cognitive activities. We want a teacher can design and implement a creative, engaging and challenging curriculum, create an environment where individual needs are fostered and care for the whole child as a priority. You will be leading a team of three teacher assistants in the implementation of developmentally appropriate practices and healthy social-emotional regulation. You will also be a part of our Early Learning Center leadership team that meets regularly to establish and maintain high quality standards throughout our facility.
  • Prekindergarten
    There is a lot to be accomplished in the year before kindergarten and we are looking for a teacher with expertise in the area of appropriate expectations, lesson planning, classroom design and kindergarten readiness. A teacher that possesses excellent communication skills, a positive leadership style and a creative spirit would be a good fit for our 4 year olds. You will be responsible for leading a team of four teacher assistants and up to 24 children through the critical year that builds a bridge between preschool and elementary school. Helping parents navigate this transition is as important as helping kids. We want you to create an environment and implement a program that provides the best possible foundation for each child’s future academic success.

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